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Loan officer @ Groves Capital (NMLS 1913065)



Benefit from my experience with home purchase and refinance loans in California

I will shop your loan to more than 100 banks to get the best possible rates, and will help you all the way from application to a smooth closing

Realtors use me for their loans all the time, because they know I get the job done right


VA Loans

VA loans are insured by the US Govt for qualified military veterans and their families on their primary residence up to around $550k. A great option if you qualify, contact me for more information

FHA Loans

Private FHA loans are insured by the US Govt. and popular with people who can only afford a 3% down-payment, though you will need to pay for mortgage insurance and contact me to get HUD Dept. approval

    Reverse Mortgages   

Reverse mortgages are great for seniors 65 years or older, since you get a one-time large payout or monthly installment, with your home being used to repay the debt when the loan expires. Why not gift your kids while you are still alive to enjoy it?

Conventional Loans

Conventioanl loans (or jumbo loans above $753k) are popular with buyers or when refinancing. Typically a fixed interest rate with 5-40 year terms, or an adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) where monthly payments vary over time based on market conditions


Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOC) are secured on your home, to give a revolving line of credit to use for large expenses or to consolidate other, higher interest rate, loans or other debts such as credit card balances

I specialize in these loan types

  • Conventional loans

  • FHA

  • VA

  • Jumbo / high balance

  • Bank Statement (self-employed loans)

  • Reverse mortgages

  • Commercial / land loans

  • Bridge loans

  • Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOC)

  • 100% Financing (80/20)


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Veronica Aceves was outstanding. Was avaiable for me morning, day, and night. Great communitcator via email, text, phone. Willing to meet me after work to exchange and sign documents. Thank you for going above and beyond for my family and I.

Eduardo Garcia